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Attitude Dance

Plus Weight loss & Maintenance


Robyn DiNatale/Owner, Director


NASM and DEA certified. Over 28 years experience in the fields of fitness, dance and entertainment.  With special certification in women's fitness and hormonal issues.Committed to creating safe, quality, effective workouts in an ever evolving industry.

Jordyn DiNatale


A former student of the late great Louise Neistat (one of the original Rockettes), Jordyn, an accomplished actress is our adult tap teacher whenever in town.

Allison Nocerino


 Allison has been with Attitude Dance and Fitness for the past 12 years. She was trained by the former Radio City Music Hall Rockette (Louise Neistat) for 31 years and brought her expertise in tap to us training young and old alike. Including our own Jordyn!



SUNDAY: Boot Camp

This class is weather permitting at 8:30 am at various outdoor locations. Class will be offered in studio as per weather.


5:45 pm 

TUESDAY: LEAN MACHINE (Strength training)

5:45 PM


20 SECOND INTERVALS WITH 10 SECONDS REST.  ALL OUT EFFORT AND ALWAYS MODIFIABLE. Zumba replaces this class 1 Wednesday per month.



Adult tap is also offered before Barre  every other week (call for schedule) 5:00 pm.


"Power" Barre

Attitude Barre is unlike any other. Our "Power" barre is a unique blend of traditional barre with low to no impact heart pumping cardio for the ultimate calorie burn. We incorporate light hand weights, balls, bands and more for strengthening and conditioning the entire body. Plus core work in every class! Need a barre for balance?  We're equipped with that too. All levels welcome.

"Lean Machine" Full body strength training

Simply the most important component of women's overall fitness. Want definition in those triceps? Shoulders?  Quads? This is the class for you! Who doesn't want to burn more fat? My weight classes are designed to not only build strength and lean muscle but to keep you burning fat around the clock. Learn how to perform multi-joint exercises to get the most bang for your buck! All levels welcome.


 Burn fat and calories faster and more efficiently even at rest with these 2 high intensity interval workouts. Short bouts of all out effort followed by short rest periods.  The perfect fat ACCELERATOR! All levels welcome.

"Adult Tap"

Nothing beats having fun while exercising. Start with the basics and tap those calories away with simple drills and fun combinations.  All levels welcome!


  A modern version of classic balletic training.  A 45-minute workout designed to shape and tone postural muscles, build core strength, and allow you to become a ballerina without any previous experience!  Incorporating classic ballet positions, with modern music, Attitude Barre is a combination of cardio and strength with high reps of small range-of-motion movements and very light weights.

If you're seeking a different style of training or a new kind of self-expression, you will love this class! Without the traditional barre to support you, the muscles supporting your body’s stability and strength becomes the focus.  But if you'd like the barre for balance, we've got that too and you are welcome to use it throughout the class.

Instructors Choice

 At our boutique group fitness in Branford,

Anything from Cardio kickboxing to Hula Hoop  to Zumba is happening!

*Zumba is not part of the regular schedule but is offered every 4th Wednesday. Group fitness in Branford!

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