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Attitude Dance

Plus Weight loss & Maintenance

You Got There. Now What?

Body Fat Reduction

Essential for overall health and reducing cardiovascular and type 2 diabetes as well as high blood pressure.

Yes You Can!

With my simple yet highly effective training methods, you will lose it, maintain results and have fun doing it!

Let's Get Started

I'll teach you the skills needed for life-long success!

WELCOME BRIDES and Grooms too! Personal training and Bridal Boot camp.



Attitude IS everything but only 2nd to experience. With over 30 years experience you can trust me with all your fitness needs. I'll teach you how to build lean muscle (never bulk) at any age and fitness level while increasing strength and overall health AND optimizing your fat burning potential! And I mean any age!! 



 Offering several packages for your personal tailored needs both for your body and your budget.  Men and women are welcome for Personal training.



 Anything is possible with Attitude. No matter your age or fitness level you can build lean, strong muscle. With a NASM certified personal trainer you can feel confident with my guidance to your best self ever! And with Attitude personal training in Branford you'll get the attitude you need for life! Now you can GET IT TOGETHER with our brides and grooms fitness/dance packages!




That's right! Couples tell us a unique bonding is created when they dance together. So why not get in shape together before the wedding? 

REMEMBER...Attitude is Dance AND Fitness!

Our special discounted packages allow you to work out and dance, TOGETHER! 

CHALLENGE each other to a burpee and a push-up!

And then see which of you can "BRING IT" on the dance floor!


When you purchase 10 sessions of dance, get 10 sessions of fitness and 5 of them are FREE!

Share with your friends!

Bring up to 4 friends in your wedding party (or not in your wedding) and share the cost.


1: Can I purchase dance OR fitness or do I have to purchase both together?

Attitude offers Custom wedding choreography on its own as well as fitness and personal training. You are not obligated to purchase a package.

2: What if I have more than 4 friends?

They are welcome too! Just add $15.00 per session per friend to the total package. 

3: What if friends who shared the cost can't make every session? 

Provisions can be made only if pre-determined at time of purchase. After that, sorry, no refunds.

4: What's the cost of packages and seperate fitness and/or dance?

Please refer to our Wedding Dance Creators page in navigaton bar. Or our personal training page under Menu/Price

Menu / Price List.